Kayak Fishing/Ocean Multi-sport trips

The kayak gives any fisherman, regardless of style, a stealthy edge to fishing. Kayaking around the island of Vieques gives the adventurous fisherman a chance to approach the sport from a whole new parallel.

Sunrise paddle is the way we start as we head out to the fishing spot, return around lunch time and head to a local eatery to taste some Puerto Rican fare. BonefishTarponSnook and the elusive Permit are all fish we will target on the fly. Bigger tackle and sinking line for bigger fish in deeper water will really get your adrenaline pumping! You can expect to mix-it-up a bit with trollingcrank baits and fly-rods for hot sight casting when available.

Tarpon are my favorite fish to hook up in a kayak, just about anything in the jack family is fun. The flats and mangroves are home to the large, spooky and mostly solitary bone fish who tail the stingrays while sweeping the flats for food.

On the edges of the shelf drop-off we’ll hunt for the Permit (AKA rubber lips) who like to make a ghostly appearance. These fish are a sight to see let alone catch.

Some of the best snorkeling is available to you by paddling the Vieques coast in a Kayak and just jumping over the side. With so many beaches and coastlines to see and explore, you’ll have a comfortable ride in one of our Wilderness Tarpon 120‘s with full back support and foot pegs.

Get hooked on KAYAK FLY- FISHING you won’t be able to wait to do it again