Featured in various travel and outdoor publications and articles we are proud to show you some of the lost parts of Vieques island. Early morning is the best time of the day to ride and experience the island waking up. Surrounded by nature, we will help you interpret this other language full of plants, birds and history. Ride through different ecological zones while learning (and sometimes tasting) about what you are seeing.

Our interpretive bike tours are 3 to 4hr excursions from start to finish and are adjusted for the ability of the riders. Our nature tours are small and intimate so we will make sure your are grouped with riders of similar skill, experience and adventure-lust. We will also teach body posture, cadence, when to shift gears and basic bicycle safety.

Mountain Bike Tours:

  • We start in the early morning to take advantage of the cool air and we’re usually on the trail before the roosters have finished crowing. Wild horses are still meandering under the mango trees and the birds have hardly left their roost. (In my opinion, this is the best part of the day here on Vieques Island.)
  • Depending on group size, ability and adventure-lust, I’ll customize the best route for everyone.
  • We tour Vieques in a different way from most who visit this incredibly resilient and diverse Eco-system. With more U.S. Fish and Wildlife refuge land to explore than any other island in the Caribbean. We’ll ride to jaw dropping beaches, heart pounding hill climbs and incredible views that not even the best camera can capture.
  • ***Drinks and snacks are included***